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Abingdon VA

Abingdon VA “The Peaceful Side of the Smokies”

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Town of Abingdon Virginia
Abingdon is a town that is chock full of adventure! Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Highlands of Virginia, the town is surrounded by mountains. The streets are lined with historic buildings and exquisite one-of-a-kind restaurants for all to enjoy. Abingdon is well known for its performing and visual arts that can be seen and heard all throughout the town. The official state theatre, the Barter Theatre, is located in the heart of Abingdon and offers a variety of musicals, classics, comedies, dramas and more. Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail-Crooked Road, runs through the town and explores Virginia’s mountain regions. The trail features more than 92 attractions and tons of music! Cycling, hiking and horseback riding are also popular activities in this area! All of these adventures are easily accessible from Abingdon. So whether you are looking to explore the mountains, brush up on some history or simply see a play, Abingdon is the place for your next get away!

History of Abingdon Virginia
The land that now consumes Abingdon was originally surveyed between the years of 1748 and 1750 by Dr. Thomas Walker. The area was named Wolf Hills after famous frontiersman Daniel Boone and his dogs were attacked by a pack of wolves during a hunting expedition. The original location of the attack is now located on ‘Courthouse Hill’. Black’s Fort was established by Joseph Black to protect local settlers from Indian attacks during Lord Dunmore’s War in 1774. A handful of men settled in this area from 1765 to 1770; the settlement became known as Black’s Fort. The area was then a crossing point of two great Indian trails and helped Abingdon become a trade center with its access points to the west and south. The community of Black’s Fort became the county seat of the newly formed Washington county in 1776 and was later incorporated as the town of Abingdon in 1778. The town is said to have obtained its name for the ancestral home of Martha Washington. Martha Washington College operated in Abingdon from 1860 until 1932. The college was located in a former private residence and was a school for women. The building is now the Martha Washington Inn. The state theatre of Virginia, the Barter Theatre, opened in Abingdon in 1933. Abingdon is the final stop on the popular Virginia Creeper Trail and draws visitors annually.

Directions to Abingdon Virginia

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