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Lake Toxaway NC

Lake Toxaway NC “First Man Made Appalachian Lake”


Town of Lake Toxaway NC

Come out and discover the first man-made Appalachian lake! This lake offers 14 miles of shoreline and sits at 3,014 feet above sea level. Mild year found temperatures and crystal clear waters have drawn visitors to this lake for many years. Fishing, hiking and boating are a prominent activity in this area. There are many restaurants, golf courses and mountain communities surrounding the picture perfect waters of Lake Toxaway.



History of Lake Toxaway North Carolina
Prior to 1902, Lake Toxaway did not exist. The area of the lake was nothing but thick mountain forest until E.H. Jennings came along. Jennings was a Pittsburgh entrepreneur who had visited the area in 1890 and formed the Toxaway Company.

The company created several resorts, one being the Toxaway Inn. The Inn was built on the shore of Lake Toxaway, the first artificial lake built in the Appalachian Mountains. Over the years the Inn developed a reputation for its lavish amenities and beautiful scenery. It attracted many famous guests including Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Thomas Edison and the Rockefeller family.

Since then, the area has remained an attractive resort destination. Many people have second homes in this beautiful area and rentals are available.