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Columbus NC

Columbus NC “First Peak of the Blue Ridge ”


Town of Columbus Rock North Carolina

This small community in Polk County, North Carolina has a classic one-block downtown area that features local businesses, an antique shop and several restaurants. The town is filled with several interesting historic buildings. The historic courthouse, which was finished in 1857 is one of the oldest still in use in North Carolina. The Board of Education building is also a unique historic building in this area. Both properties have park areas that host town festivals. You can take many scenic drives throughout this picturesque town. White Oak Mountain offers beautiful views, whether you’re driving around the base or making the 1,000+ foot climb to the top. Polk County History Museum has a collection of historic artifacts that will interest both young and old. 




History of Columbus NC
The Town of Columbus was born practically overnight. Carved from 100 acres of wilderness on what was formally known as Foster Race path, Columbus had a somewhat odd start.

A public squabble began when the state legislature tried to establish a county seat for Polk County in 1847. The community could not agree on a location and the town ended up being organized twice. Three out-of-county men were elected to find the county seat, eventually choosing Fosters Race path. The town was named in honor of Dr. Columbus Mills to recognize his efforts to form the county. Columbus was incorporated in 1857 by the General Assembly. The now historic courthouse was completed in 1859 and is still in use today. 





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